Monday, March 19, 2018

Dog Cancer Series Documentary

A new documentary was just released for pet lovers and veterinarians alike. The Dog Cancer Series - Rethinking the Canine Epidemic is a six hour documentary now available on DVD and will also be available for digital download very soon. It was co-produced by Karen Becker, DVM and Rodney Habib.

Dr. Becker is well known from Mercola Healthy Pets, which is the most viewed pet health website in the world. She is also the author of Real Foods for Healthy Dogs and Cats: Simple Homemade Food.

Rodney Habib is well known to pet lovers everywhere from his Facebook page Planet Paws, which is the largest Facebook pet health site worldwide. He also has a website with the same name.

It took them a year and over 25,000 miles to create this much needed documentary so they can bring awareness to the devastating epidemic of cancer in dogs. Another reason they created it is "to provide pet owners with the most relevant and impactful advice currently available from the top oncologists, researchers and veterinarians in the world." Another priority, Dr. Becker says, is to also get this information into the hands of veterinarians as this is information that is not taught in veterinary schools.

I've seen it and highly recommend it. It contains a lot of great information!

You can learn more about it, watch the trailer, and sign up for a free workshop they've created by going here:  (The free workshop is great too!)

You can also listen to a 20 minute interview of them talking about their new documentary by going here:

👉 Special Offer for Our Clients: I highly encourage all dog lovers (and veterinarians) to watch this informative and eye opening documentary. In an effort to make it easily accessible for you to do so, I have it on DVD (4 DVD Set)  and will be happy to loan it to you. Just send me an email!