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Welcome Pet Lovers!

Cozy Critters Pet Sitters of Bellaire is a progressive, professional pet sitting service. Owned and operated by myself (Beth) and my husband Clifton since 2002, we have been providing dependable care for all types of pets in our client's homes. We are passionate about pets.

Our goal is to give the best care possible to your cherished pets and your home while you're unable to be there. We want your pets to not only be cozy and stress free while you're away, we want them to have fun! We want them to say Yay! The Pet Sitters are coming!

There are no employees or sub-contractors. We make all the daily visits ourselves, typically lasting half an hour, to make sure all creatures -- large and small, are well cared for and getting a daily dose of love and attention. In addition to feeding, fresh water, walking the dogs, scooping the litter boxes, playing and petting, we also give medications and hospice care. (Please note: Some pets we are unable to administer medications.) 

We consider pets, particularly dogs and cats, to be members of the family. Therefore we do not accept any assignments where dogs are kept outside. Visits are made a minimum of once daily for cats

Many of our clients feed feral cats in their yards. We do not charge for feeding feral cats. In fact, if your feral cats need a warm cat house for the winter, let us know -- we may be able to help. In the winter of 2010 our Feral Cat House Project provided ten cat houses to feral cats in need. 

We offer pet taxi service for trips to the vet or groomer and provide home security measures like bringing in the mail, packages, newspapers and flyers, rotating lights and/or blinds and taking out the trash and recycles. Please visit our website for more detailed information.

In addition to our pet sitting service, we have a house and plant service for people without pets. Many times our client's pets pass away but they still would like their home and plants looked after while they are out of town. In these cases we provide all of the home security measures listed above along with a house check and watering inside and outside plants.

Since young children, we both have shared our lives with many animals, including not only dogs and cats of course; but horses, cows, llamas, birds, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, flying squirrels, various small reptiles, fish and even an alligator! We have decades of experience with senior pets and hospice care. Clifton previously managed a major pet supply store where he was trained in the care of many different animal species and was also certified in aquatics. Beth has completed courses in Animal Psychology, Pet Nutrition, Pet CPR and First Aid, and Pet Adoption.

Our lives have always evolved around animals so it was a natural transition to start a pet sitting business in 2002 after we both got laid-off from our jobs. We are continuously learning about all these wonderful creatures and they teach us so much not only about them but about ourselves. We consider animals to be sentient beings who are here to share the earth with us and therefore deserve respect. 

In addition to running our pet sitting business, I have spent the last decade or more researching the best ways to keep our pets living happy, healthy and longer lives. This has become a passion of mine and has included topics such as training, behavior, nutrition, vaccinations, alternative therapies and communication to name a few. I am a huge advocate for feeding animals better quality and more species appropriate foods, spreading the awareness of the over-vaccination and medication of pets and the use of natural therapies in addition to conventional treatments. I believe one (not all) of the reasons we see so many illnesses and diseases in our pets is due to the ingredients in their diets. The same health problems that are wreaking havoc in our human population are affecting our pets. This is no coincidence. 

As time permits, I write about some of these subjects on my blog. I also post notices when we get booked up and stop taking reservations, when we are accepting new clients or taking a vacation. To stay updated you can receive an email each time I have a new post by submitting your email address in the box below or the Follow by Email box on the right of this blog. Check the archives or search box for previous articles. I share information and other cool stuff I come across more frequently on Facebook, which in turn posts to Twitter, as this is quick and convenient to do - perfect for the busy pet sitter. I am working on being more active on Google+ so check us out there too.

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The following quotes pretty much sum it up for me. Blessings!

"Animals share with us the privilege of having a soul."  ~Pythagoras

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  ~Mahatma Gandhi

"Our task must be to free ourselves...by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."  ~Albert Einstein

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