Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Structured Water

Not only are we a professional and passionate pet sitting service, we are also progressive. We like learning about the newest leading-edge technology, inventions, products, services, discoveries or otherwise -- especially if it benefits animals. When I'm not pet sitting, I spend a lot of my time reading, researching, attending classes, workshops, and seminars about pet related subjects as well as other subjects.

We live in an exciting time right now. There are new discoveries and inventions every day. Most of which you don't hear about in the main stream media. Things are constantly changing and evolving. One of these exciting new things that I discovered over a year ago is Structured Water (SW). 

It wasn't until recent years that an inventor by the name of Clayton Nolte, after researching and working with mathematics, physics and the properties of water for forty years, invented a device that mimics nature and creates structured water -- the way water was intended to be and is supposed to be; the way nature creates water. It's water that has a different molecular structure.

After learning about and using this water myself, structured water has become another passionate subject of mine! And so to explain it in detail I created a whole page on this blog dedicated to just that. Please click on the structured water tab at the top of this blog for much more detailed information.

I have not only been drinking and showering in it for over a year myself, but so have other family members, our pets and our plants. If you are a client and I have pet sit for you within the last year, your pets received structured water while I was pet sitting. This is where I really notice the change. Animals don't have any judgments, beliefs or thoughts that get in the way of experiencing. They just know that once they get a drink of this SW, they really like it! What I have observed so far is that in the beginning, the animals seem to drink more water, but only at first. Once they get properly hydrated -- probably the best they have ever been in their entire lives -- then it tapers off to drinking less water, or normal amounts. They tend to feel better and have more energy. They seem to become more communicative as well. These aren't dramatic changes, they are more subtle. (I am able to pick up the subtleties. I have seen the difference it makes in people and plants too!)

People that are more sensitive to energies that start drinking it notice the energetic difference in the structured water compared to other water.

Unfortunately, once the pet sitting assignment is over and the pet's water gets changed out, the structured water goes away. This makes me sad because I want all pets to be able to always have SW. This is why I have written about it in great detail so that more people become aware of it and can get it for themselves and their pets. Awareness is everything. I am doing what I can to get the word out (along with others). I want every person and every pet to have and to experience structured water! Order your water structuring device by clicking here. You'll be glad you did! (You'll also get four free bonuses with your order while supplies last!)