Monday, September 28, 2015

Dusty's Homegrown Organic Catnip

We still have our garden and are well stocked of our organic catnip. All the lucky cats that have Cozy Critters as their pet sitter get to sample this herbal treat when we visit them. Many of them ask for it as soon as I arrive! They don't forget. They just love Dusty's Premium Organic Catnip! And we love making cats happy! Now available in two sizes -- the regular 1/2 ounce package for $5 or the new mini size package for $1.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Structured Water: Nature's Gift

Structured Water - Also known as hexagonal, clustered, crystalline, organized, living, the fourth phase, sacred, and holy water.

Almost all the scientific discovery and contributions regarding structured water have stayed under the public's radar and out of mainstream media and the realm of general information. 

For instance, did you know that in the 1990's, three Nobel Prizes were awarded for work relating to structured water mostly involving DNA, intracellular fluids, cellular communication and protein folding? These are discoveries all relating to the critical functions of structured water within living organisms. In fact, Nobel Prize Laureates have known for some time that the structure of our bio-water -- the water within our bodies -- is highly organized and crystalline in nature. This goes for the animals too.

The only problem is the water that is available to us (and our pets), whether from the faucet or a bottle (and it doesn't matter what kind of bottled water), is unorganized or unstructured water, also known as "bulk" water. Not to mention we are bombarded with toxins in our foods, our air, our soil, which also de-structures our bio-water. In order for our bodies to function at their optimum ability and stay healthy, we -- as well as the animals -- require not just any water, but structured water. This is highly organized water at the molecular level.

The great news is in just recent years with the invention of the structuring devices by Natural Action Technologies, structured water is now available conveniently, it's affordable and without any maintenance required -- ever. 

Did you know that all diseases and disorders have one thing in common? There is a loss of structure in the cellular fluids. Our energy system and physical systems -- our glands, chakras, meridians, veins, aura and cells -- all work in tandem , together, through the incredible nature of our water system, which accounts for 99% of the molecules in our body. They must be structured to sustain health.

In a recent (2014) eleven-hour documentary called The Truth About Cancer, The Quest for the Cure Continues, structured water was mentioned several times by several different doctors as THE best water to be consuming. Here is just one of the clips from that documentary where it is talked about:

You can find out more about this amazing new paradigm in water, plus a list of some of the many benefits, how to purchase a structuring unit, as well as my personal experience with drinking, showering and using structured water for the last two and a half years and how it changed my life, by purchasing my book Structured Water: Nature's Gift by clicking the link below. Buy Now style 1 button