Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beneful = Bad News

After receiving thousands of complaints of sick and dead dogs linked to Beneful Dog Food over the last few years, it turns out the FDA actually did do some testing on the dog food and inspections at some of their manufacturing plants as well. But get this: They did the testing and inspections in 2013, but just released the results on their website in April 2016. Three years later. There was no public notice. If it wasn't for our pet food advocate Susan Thixton ( "finding" this information on the FDA's website and making us aware of it, I wouldn't even be telling you this.  

What their reports say are disturbing. For one thing, I'm sure you will be horrified to know that they found the same ingredients in Beneful that were in the foods that caused the largest and deadliest pet food recall in our history (2007), killing thousands of pets. And this is just the beginning. I'm not going to tell you everything they found because Susan Thixton has already done so in her article here:

This company shouldn't be in business, yet dogs are still being fed this poison. And unless you stay informed by someone who keeps up with this stuff or someone who is always surfing the FDA's website, you wouldn't know any better. The FDA releases the information in such a way so as not to bring any attention to it or to let anyone even know about it, but yet if asked about it, they can say that it's right there in public view for anyone to see. You mean you didn't know about it? (Duh.)

They think we are stupid. They don't care about your animals. All they care about is that you keep buying their products which earns them millions. Read the reports. Decide for yourself.

I would never recommend this food to begin with, just based on the ingredients; and then you add all of these findings...scary, to say the least.

Any time I see someone who feeds Beneful to their dogs (dry or wet) I share these articles with them or tell them about what I've learned. Won't you please do the same? It is up to us to bring awareness, which is the key to keeping our pets safe and healthy.