Sunday, December 18, 2011

What's in the Mix?

This is our dog Duke. We rescued him and his sister Cali (photo below) when they were around nine months old.  Read more about that story here. We often get asked what kind of dog he is. He's a mixed breed obviously but what breeds is he made up of? Well we've always had our guesses but now thanks to Canine Heritage we are going to find out! They are currently offering the DNA testing for only $48. That's 20% off their regular price. But you'll have to hurry! This offer ends January 2, 2012. We should receive the results in 2 - 3 weeks. I'll let you know when we get them. What breeds would you guess he is made up of? To help you, I've also included a picture of his litter mate Cali. Though you can see the resemblance, they also look quite different. (Cali has the Red Merle color too but it's just not as pronounced as Duke's.)

Not that it really matters what they are made up of because we love them to pieces no matter what....but it will be fun to find out!