Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Pet Product of the Month

Hemp Leash w/Fleece-Lined Handle
After almost a decade of professional pet sitting I think I have seen or used every kind of leash, collar or harness there is. I didn't know there was so many!

Having the right tools while walking dogs makes all the difference. My first priority is safety. I want to have complete control over the dog (for it's sake and/or anyone else's sake) which means not having him/her more than six feet away from me on a good, strong leash usually made of nylon, hemp or leather. My favorite is the Eco-friendly hemp leash by Planet Dog. Planet Dog Hemp Leashes are made of one of nature's most durable fibers. Hemp tends to get soft over time, but it stays strong, which makes it the perfect material for collars and leashes. My favorite part is they come with a cozy fleece-lined handle providing ultimate comfort , which I just love! The leashes are 1" wide and 5' long (for medium and large dogs). For small dogs, there is the Small Hemp Leash which is 1/2" wide and 5' long. Machine washable, air dry. They are well made and the most comfortable leash I've ever used. They come in a variety of colors.The fleece-lined collars are soft and comfy too!

Mendota British Style Slip Lead
Another favorite and probably the leash I use the most is the (Mendota British style) slip-lead. It's a collar and leash in one. This slip lead features premium, strong, 1/2" solid braid multi-filament UV coated polypropylene rope, leather sleeves and brass ring. Used by trainers, field trial and hunting test participants. The adjustable leather slide keeps "collar" in place eliminating slipping off, yet releasing properly in relaxed position. "Broken-in" feel is easy on the hands and allows easy folding to fit in a pocket. 1/2" x 6 feet for medium to large dogs, 3/8" x 6' for small dogs. Quick and easy to put on and take off, these slip leads have quickly become a favorite for their quality, workmanship and simplicity. Handcrafted in the USA using only the finest materials, these dog leads are waterproof, colorfast and UV coated to protect against fading. A dog cannot slip out of this leash which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. I've had dogs slip out of their collars and I even had a dog back out of her harness! Another reason why I like it so much is if you position the collar high on the neck, just below the ears and slide the leather slide to keep it in place there, while holding the leash close to the collar, it keeps dogs that like to pull from pulling. It's also great to have handy for catching a loose dog.

Although for small dogs (especially if they like to pull) I prefer they wear a harness with a regular leash as their tiny  little necks are delicate, these slip leads are great if you have one that tends to pull out of his/her collar.