Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Update on Kilo

Our new family member Kilo, who adopted us a few days before Thanksgiving, is doing great and living a happy, healthy, fun-filled life as a kitten should. His beginning was rather rough as I mentioned in my previous post, but you wouldn't know it now! He recovered very quickly from his surgeries. 

He is really smart and acclimated himself to our home, our other pets and our routine in no time once he was feeling better. He knows his name, the names of our other pets and the word hungry. He has adjusted to having three legs just fine; in fact, seeing him fly by, you wouldn't even notice he was missing a leg until he stops and is still for a moment. He runs and plays just like any other kitten.

He got to know our dog Duke first. The first couple of weeks we had Kilo, he stayed in his cat condo which was next to one of Duke's beds. Duke kept him company and watched over him every day. Kilo would often talk to Duke. The first opportunity Kilo had to get out of his condo for awhile, he went straight to Duke, who was sound asleep on his bed, and smelled his nose. Then he ran back into his condo, which was his safe place. It was so cute. Once he was allowed out of his condo during the daytime, he would sleep in a bed next to Duke's. He tried snuggling up with Duke on his bed, but that was a little too much for Duke. Though Duke is enjoying having a little brother kitten and often gives him kisses, snuggling together is pushing it!
Duke and Kilo

Kilo has been wonderful about giving our other two cats, Chloe and Dusty, their space and taking it slow in gaining their affection. He has been real respectful of their boundaries, unlike the other male kittens we have had. He is winning them over. Though Chloe would only hiss at him for the first few weeks, she will sometimes play with him and enjoys watching his silly antics.

And although a bit jealous at times, Dusty has been seen playing with him, watching him play, and they sleep in close proximity to each other during the day.

He is a real sweet and affectionate kitten and has brought a lot of love and laughter into our lives. Kilo is a good example of how resilient animals are. We can learn a lot from them.