Friday, May 2, 2014

Dusty's Organic Catnip

A few years ago we started a garden in our backyard, growing our own vegetables, fruits and some herbs including catnip. I love eating fresh organic food out of the garden. The flavor and nutrition can't be beat! Our cats LOVE eating their fresh organic catnip out of the garden too! Our cat Dusty takes his catnip garden seriously. He guards it and doesn't like to share, not even with Chloe!  (It has attracted some neighborhood cats!) Even when I am harvesting some of it, he has to come and see what I am doing. He just loves his garden! He has a routine of eating a few fresh leaves every morning, rubbing on it, and then sometimes he likes to sit or lay in it. Our crop this year is doing so well he can sit in it and I can't even see him. I've never seen catnip this big before. Like they say...everything is bigger in Texas!
Dusty (6)

Chloe (17)

Because our catnip crop is doing so well this year, it's more than our cats can consume and even dishing it out to all the cats we pet sit for once it's dried, we still have more. And Chloe just turned 17 in April, and this month (May) is Dusty's birthday. He is six years old. So in celebration, he's willing to share some of Dusty's Premium Organic Catnip. Home grown, hand picked, naturally cured and then sealed for freshness in 1/2 ounce packages! It's got Dusty's cute face on the label. There is no comparison to any store bought brand, including the organic ones. Cats that like catnip will go crazy for this stuff!  Available for $5 each. Only while supply lasts. Quantities are limited. Check out our Shop page for more information.

Texas size catnip!