Monday, March 5, 2018

Professional Pet Sitters Week

This week we are celebrating Professional Pet Sitters Week!

I do what I love & love what I do!

Being a Professional Pet Sitter is not just a job, it is a passion!

Professional Pet Sitting provides a wonderful & much needed service to the community.

It provides pet guardians with the freedom to travel worry-free knowing their pets are loved & cared for by an experienced professional in their absence.

It enables pets to remain as stress-free as possible while their guardians are away, in their own comfortable surroundings, sights & smells. There's no place like home!

Most Professional Pet Sitters also provide mid-day dog walks during the week while pet guardians are at work, enabling dogs to get much needed physical exercise as well as mental stimulation, which is also important. Not to mention they receive a friend who comes just to spend time with them!

Professional Pet Sitting also provides crime deterrent measures for your home while you're away.

Professional Pet Sitters are Insured & Bonded for your protection.