Monday, November 2, 2015

Pet Allergy Assessment Update

As I wrote about in a previous post, I did an easy in-home allergy assessment test using hair and saliva samples called Immune IQ for our dog Duke. Developed by veterinarians, Immune IQ covers 125 different pet food ingredients and common environmental allergens and sensitivities.

The results were not only interesting but a very helpful tool in guiding me on what foods or ingredients to avoid in his diet because they they were found to be overwhelming to his immune system; as well as finding out what things are helpful and assistive to his immune system and to add more of those items. And we now know that the immune system is the key or basis for health, whether we're talking about people or pets. If the immune system is healthy and functioning properly, the person or pet is healthy. You cannot have dis-ease where there is a healthy immune system. These two things cannot exist simultaneously. So it's important to keep the immune system in good working order and in today's world that can be a great challenge. With all the toxins that we and our pets are bombarded with in the air we breathe, on the ground we walk on, in the foods we eat and products we use, we can use all the help we can get to assist us with this challenge.

After telling my mother about it, she did the same Immune IQ test for one of her dogs, Cody. She just recently received the results of his assessment and shared them with me. In comparing Cody's and Duke's results, I found it interesting that though there were a moderate amount of differences in the columns of items that are okay/assistive and neutral, but when it came to the items in the not okay/overwhelming column, there were only a very few differences and both dogs had most of these items in common.

And though we were both surprised by a few foods that showed up as overwhelming to their immune systems, we were not surprised at all to see the GMO ingredients show up on the list; like corn, soy, cotton seed, canola oil,  and wheat.

Another interesting thing the two dogs' results had in common was out of 23 vegetables tested, they both only had one show up in the overwhelming category, and it was the same vegetable -- green peas! Have you noticed pet food manufacturers now put green peas or green pea protein in almost everything? 

Could you be giving your dog ingredients that put an overwhelming strain on his/her immune system without even knowing it? Chances are, you are. Now with this simple, painless and affordable tool available to us, we can get a "leg up" on what to feed and what not to feed based on the immune response of our own individual pet so they have the longest and healthiest life possible. 

And don't forget, Immune IQ is for cats too! I'm thinking of testing one of our cats next! Stay tuned.