Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kittens Need Homes


A client of mine is looking for good homes for two special kittens.  Here is their story in my client's own words:

A lady in my neighborhood is a “hoarder” who collects stray cats.  She does not get them spayed / neutered, no shots, no medical care, nothing. The ordeal with this woman that has being going on for decades.  Even though she supposedly “cares” for the cats, they are left to fend for themselves, and are never brought into the house.  So during storms, freezing weather and EVEN HURRICANE IKE, the cats are left to the elements. 
 Long story shorty, the neighborhood and the HOA have tried everything over the years to address the issue, but to no avail.  These cats meet horrifying ends -- if they are not hit by cars, they die a very slow death from their illnesses.  It is very, very heart breaking to all of us in the neighborhood. So, because we can’t do much, we try to find homes for the kittens that we can catch.  They are feral, so sadly, we are not able to catch many (even using traps). 
However, the latest patch of kittens includes two of the cutest, sweetest cats ever.  One is gray and white tabby with brown streaks and the second is a little black kitten with white mittens and boots.  We have no idea if they are male or female, but we are estimating their ages to be about 5 months. The little gray tabby is so adorable, so full of life and has the LOUDEST purr.  But does not meow loudly.  It literally does a little prance / dance kind of thing when it runs, and it is SO happy to see people.  We have taken to calling this kitten “Prancer”, although if it turns out to be a girl, several in the neighborhood think it should be called “Dancer”.  Regardless, it is ADORABLE! 
 The second kitten is a much shyer, but with some coaxing, has started allowing some people to pet it.  We are currently calling it “Audrey / Bond”.  If it is a girl, Audrey after Audrey Hepburn, and if a boy, Bond after James Bond (OK, so it is very elegant looking with its little mittens and boots).  It is a sweet, shy little kitten that with TLC will become a very loving little thing.  The picture above is the only one I have been able to catch, but it is slowly coming around. We are desperate to rescue these kittens from their fates.  Due to the ongoing nature of the issue, everyone in the neighborhood has already adopted what cats they can.   We have no idea what diseases these cats will have, but we are pretty certain it is best if these kitties go to homes that do not already have cats.  We also need someone who has the money to pay the vet bills. There has to be people out there who are willing to take on the challenge of adopting these cats.  These kittens are simply too adorable to meet the slow, horrifying deaths that await them. Please, we need two homes willing to adopt these cats, or if there is a true angel out there who is willing to take on both, GOD BLESS YOU! 
 Please call MARI at 713 / 782-9100.  Please call, and I will somehow get these sweet babies to you!