Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Website

Cozy Critters has just launched our new website! We are so excited to have a new, modern internet presence with some really cool features!

Our client photos now display on the home page in an automatic slide show. They appear in alphabetical order. There are a lot of pictures, so if your pet's name starts with a "z", you have a few minutes wait to see theirs! I still have more photos to add. If you don't see your pet's photo, please let me know. Of course there have been some pets, cats in particular, that  I have been unable to get a picture of. I'm afraid some may have been left off from all the editing too. There are so many to keep up with!

Check out our new pet memorial wall! This is dedicated to all the pets that we have cared for that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Instead of our previous memorial pages of photos and having page after page to click through, you will now see a few photos on the memorial page and there is a link to go to "the wall". There, the photos are in alphabetical order by the pet's name, with cats displaying on top, dogs below and other types of pets at the bottom. Click on the page and drag your mouse to move the page sideways and up and down. Also, if you place your mouse on each photo, the pet's name will appear. You can click on each photo and it will be enlarged. Some of them will not have a clear enlargement depending on the resolution of the photo. Once again, if you don't see your pet's photo on there and would like it to be, please let me know!

We still have our collection of handy links to all things about pets on our "Links" page! We have gotten a lot of feedback about this useful page over the years. We are pleased it has been useful to many. We are always adding more. It just keeps growing!

We now offer a reservation form on our website for new or existing clients to request a reservation for pet or house/plant sitting. As noted on the form, if you don't get a reply within 24 hours, please call or email, because as with all things electrical --  they sometimes malfunction. You are still welcome to call, email or text of course!

Oh, and you may have noticed our service area has gotten smaller. We will continue to serve all the clients we currently have but will only be taking new clients from these three zip codes on a limited basis in the future. (We are currently not accepting new clients.)

A special Thank You! goes to Kathy at K and M Ltd. for creating and finally completing this masterpiece! We love it!

7/24/13 (Update): My apologies to anyone who may have used our reservation form or sent an email to our email address listed on the home page in the last couple of days. There were some bugs that just got worked out and both are working fine now.