Monday, February 11, 2013

The World's First Driving Dog

There is a first for everything, right? Well, here's the world's first driving dog! In a unique strategy aimed at attracting adoptive families, a charity in Auckland, NZ teaches homeless dogs to drive. It’s a process of teaching 10 specific behaviors to the dogs over a 7-week period, and putting the learned gestures together in a sequence. Monty, a giant schnauzer, demonstrates his ability to control the steering wheel, gear shift and brakes.

The best part about this video is that this was organized by the Auckland SPCA to raise awareness about  the number of homeless dogs in SPCA's, city pounds and shelters needing homes and to encourage people to adopt rather than breed or buy. Apparently, the video series started with the trainers going into the shelter and choosing three dogs, each there for a different reason. One was abandoned, one stray and one was relinquished because the owners deemed him to be untrainable! Ironically the latter was the giant schnauzer which turned out to be the best driver of them all!  Let's hope it helped some homeless dogs find new homes!