Friday, July 30, 2010

iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

In a recent issue of Dog Fancy, they listed the following five iPhone apps that might interest dog owners. Cat owners might be interested too!

MiPets: Basic way to track upcoming vet appointments, microchip numbers, medications, and food information for an unlimited number of pets. You can email the file to a pet sitter or boarding kennel. $1.99; A terrific free resource for finding thousands of adoptable dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other animals around the country. You can share listings via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Pet Safe: Contains a searchable database of plants harmful to dogs, cats, horses, compiled by expert toxicologists from the ASPCA. You'll find toxicity symptoms for each plant and a direct link to the Animal Poison Control Center hotline. A portion of the proceeds goes to the ASPCA. $2.99

PetSnap: To help get your dog (or cat) to look at your camera, this app contains 32 different sounds that catch your dogs' (or cats') attention. Turn up the volume, snap the picture, add a frame and email to friends. $1.99

PawTrotter: This app has more than 130,000 pet stores, dog-friendly hotels, veterinarians and dog parks. The app uses the iPhone's GPS to determine your location and find businesses near you. $2.99

If you know of any more iPhone apps for pet owners, let me know!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cozy Critters to the Rescue!

I rescued another dog today. An 11 month old male Maltese named Snowball. He was running down Stella Link right in front of me as I was driving. Thank goodness he had a tag. I called & went to his address but no one was home. I dropped him off at my house while I finished my pet sitting rounds. They called a short time later & he was returned safe & sound. His family was very happy that I rescued & returned him! They had gone somewhere & it started thundering & he got scared & jumped through the wrought iron fence in his yard. He had gone quite a distance for such a little bitty thing. I was just happy to get him out of the street & back home! I love happy endings!